Measurements: 35-28.5-33.5 


Bust: High B-Low C 

Skin: Olive

Height: 5’3

Weight: 115

Dress: 3

Shoe: 7

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black/Brown


Available for: Fitness/Bikini, Cosplay, Eccentric, Art, Geeky Fashion, Lifestyle 


Chelsea began modeling at 16 when she auditioned for a modeling school. She was quickly accepted and trained for 6 months with the school learning all about hair, makeup, and of course fashion. A funny memory she recalls is having to remind herself to stand in third position instead of model stance during a ballet class. Today, Chelsea has modeled for various events and independent brands and is a regular Cosplayer  at different comic conventions, where she’s not only been a booth girl, but a model for the annual’ Geek  Chic’ runway show. Although acting is her first love, she finds that modeling has helped keep her poised in various gigs in the entertainment industry. 


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